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Student Loan Debt Assistance will get your loans out of default—or help you avoid default—by using techniques and programs that collection agencies don’t want you to know about.

Student Loan Debt Assistance

Student loan debt is an obligation that follows you until paid off. If you are having trouble making payments, you risk defaulting on your loans. The consequences of defaulting are serious. At Student Loan Debt Assistance, we help you get back on track.

The sooner you get help, the better chance you have of avoiding serious consequences. Consequences include wage garnishment, withholding IRS refunds, having your professional licenses revoked, and being ineligible for additional student aid or home mortgages. We can help you!

Even if you are gainfully employed, you may benefit from changing your payment plan to meet your current income.

Depending on your situation, you may be able to seek:

  1. Different repayment plans
  2. Loan consolidation
  3. Forbearance
  4. Deferment
  5. Loan rehabilitation

To get started, click here to fill out this quick form. The process is simple: we will contact you to ask a few questions. This will allow us to prequalify you. Once you understand your options, you can decide if you want to move forward.

We are not a collection agency or a debt settlement company; we are a team of certified student loan credit counselors who help you figure out the best payment plan for you. We offer our services for a fee and we will refund your fee if we are not successful at helping you modify your student loans.

Whether you are a recent graduate who just started loan repayment, a professional who doesn’t have time to figure out how to modify your student loans, or someone who has fallen behind on payments, Student Loan Debt Assistance can help you!

Don’t let your student loan debt drag your credit score down! We all know how important our credit standing is, so you should take all precautions to safeguard it whenever possible. If you are having a hard time keeping up with your student loan payments, or something has changed since taking on the loan, you may qualify for certain programs that will allow you to reduce or dismiss your loan altogether. Call one of our certified student loan credit counselors today, and we will be more than happy to review your situation and tell you how much you could possibly save or even have forgiven by the government. Call us at (800) 565-0262 to see what we can save you!

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Student Loan Update

Public Service In many cases, taking a job in the public service sector with your education as a nurse can have part or your entire loan forgiven. This will depend on a number of factors, but in many cases nurses, who have graduated from their respective colleges, universities and technical schools can work two, three or more years in the public sector and have their loans forgiven upon completion. There are a few qualification however to have public service count towards the forgiveness of your loan.

Nurses Loan Forgiveness


  • I would like to thank everyone who helped with my student loan debt assistance. I thank Ally in particular. She worked with me to put me on a payment that worked for me. I appreciate all the help I received. I am no longer on garnishment and I get a fresh start with a new, more comfortable loan payment. Karen C, Denver, CO
  • I recently graduated from college and had all these student loans to pay off. I was having a hard time paying these loans and still have enough money to meet my necessary living costs. Student Loan Debt Assistance worked a repayment plan that fit my budget. My loans will be paid off sooner and because of the reduced interest rates I now have, I am saving money! I highly recommend this student loan restructuring and consolidation program.Tim M, Kansas City,MO